For Parents

Welcome to the CLHL Lab!

The CLHL Lab is located in rooms 375 and 379 in the Therapy Institute at Midwestern University (Glendale, AZ).

There are different ways to participate in the CLHL Lab (online or in-person). Read more about our current studies and how to participate. All of our studies are approved by the Institutional Research Board at Midwestern University. This means that there are no physical risks for your child participating in any of the studies, that you will be explained all the details of the studies before deciding if you want to participate, that you could withdraw the study at any time, and that all the data will be kept secured and confidential. None of the publications derived from the studies will include identifiable data.

CLHL Database: If you want to be in our database and be informed about future studies where you or your child could participate, you can complete this form: Database form
We are always looking for children with hearing loss, but also for children with normal hearing to be in the control groups. You will be contacted only if you qualify to participate in the studies and you could decide if you want to participate. You can be removed from the database at any time by sending us an email.

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